Important Events


No. Last name Name Campus/ Faculty Special Section
1 Tabesh Masoud Engineering Water and Wastewater
2 Zahedi Changiz Engineering Water and Wastewater
3 Mehrnia M.Reza Engineering Water and Wastewater
4 Nazif Sara Engineering Water and Wastewater
5 Amin Zadeh Behnoush Environment Water and Wastewater
6 Torabian Ali Environment Water and Wastewater
7 Azimi Ali akbar Environment Water and Wastewater
8 Mehrdadi Naser Environment Water and Wastewater
9 Nabi bidhandi Q.Reza Environment Water and Wastewater
10 Azadegan Behzad Aboureihan Watershed
11 Azarakhshi Maryam Agriculture Watershed
12 Khalighi Shahram Agriculture Watershed
13 M.Saravi Mohsen Agriculture Watershed
14 Malekian Arash Agriculture Watershed
15 Mahdavi Mohamad Agriculture Watershed
16 Parsi nejad Masoud Agriculture Irrigation and Drainage
17 Sohrabi Teimour Agriculture Irrigation and Drainage
18 Fardad Hossein Agriculture Irrigation and Drainage
19 Rahimi khoob Ali Agriculture Irrigation and Drainage
20 Montazer Ali asghar Aboureihan Irrigation and Drainage