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Water Resources Projects

Project title Client Preparation of optimization model series of reservoirs in flood conditions. Iran water resources management Co. Evaluation of management on research projects in the water industry Iran water resources management Co. Rice fields Network Optimization in the northern river basin Iran water resources management Co. Groundwater quality mapping using probabilistic support vector machines Iran water resources management Co. ... Read More »

Failure Analysis of Boostan, Golestan and Voshmgir Dams


Golestan province of Iran is flood prone areas . Including measures for flood control dams in the province of Golestan, Gorgan River Park is on .which is entitled ” the privacy of bed and preparing plans and the failure of the dam on the river Gorganroud ” in July 1386 has been announced . Dear customer dam failure analysis studies ... Read More »

Qeshm Island Shoreline Management Studies


Qeshm island with an area of ​​nearly 1,500 square kilometers along the coast about 300 kilometers off the coast of diversity , ecological diversity , the diversity of climate and sea islands , the unique and sensitive coastal areas is considered . Development of coastal areas requires an integrated coastal zone (ICZM) is the direct interaction of local coastal zone ... Read More »